Always make the best choice for your solar project

We offer real estate owners and municipalities intel and project dilligence that focus on the interests of you and your tenants. We independently advise you on all decisions and together we develop a high-quality project that suits your needs.


We are independent

Your needs and requirements are central to our process. With an independent feasibility study, we can help you make the right decisions in collaboration with our partners.

The best choice

Through targeted requests within our platform you can easily compare offers from providers. After delivery, we always conduct a technical audit so that you meet your insurance requirements.

Unique online tools

From subsidy application to project realization and the management of your installation, you will find everything in one place. Our online tools provide you with the insight into the progress of your project.

Evaluation of your Real Estate

Our approach allows you to get more efficiency from your solar power installation

  • Independent advice and a collective memory
  • Make substantiated choices and take all stakeholders into account
  • Lower costs and an average shorter lead time
  • Overview during the entire process with the Zoncoalitie portal

From start to finish

We are making large commercial and publicly-owned roofs more sustainable throughout the Netherlands.

Urban Industrial – Sligro

Urban Industrial’s first solar project has been realized! The 12,000 m2 roof of the Sligro in Scharenburg is perfect for the installation of solar panels, and the 3,669 panels now generate a power of 1.63 MWp.

solar panels
12.000 m2
216 households
electricity per year
600.000 CO2
reduction per year

Artis Amsterdam

Zoncoalitie took care of the grant application and the technical feasibility studies and advised on the potential earnings and opportunities. After we had a clear picture of what was needed together, we were able to look for a suitable provider to provide the restaurant De Twee Cheetahs with solar panels. Ultimately, Zon & Co was linked to Artis to invent the roof of The Two Cheetahs.

solar panels
49 kWp
15 households
electricity per year
28655 CO2
reduction per year

Chroomstraat Zoetermeer

The roof of a large building in Zoetermeer is fitted with solar panels. Zoncoalitie took care of the subsidy applications and the technical feasibility studies for this project.

solar panels
12.893 M²
240 huishoudens
electricity per year
468.000 CO2
reduction per year

Bouwcenter Esselink

Esselink attaches great importance to sustainability and wants to be distinctive. Hence the desire to invest in roof-bound PV installations at some of their sites. This tender concerns the Esselink Bouwcentrum locations in Hellevoetsluis, Zierikzee and Heinenoord and the GAMMA locations in Vlissingen and Hellevoetsluis.

solar panels
5.136 m²
98 huishoudens
electricity per year
188.169 CO2
reduction per year

De Rietlanden Terminal

At the beginning of 2018, De Rietlanden Terminal will have 452 solar panels, generating a lot of green energy. This plan is part of the De Rietlanden Terminal plan, in which they want to take care of the environment. In this way, they reduce their own financial costs and contribute to making the city more sustainable.

solar panels
147 kWp
51 households
electricity per year
84.000 CO2
reduction per year

Go West building

Another great project has been completed: 780 panels are now on the roof of the Go West building in Amsterdam Westpoort! The SDE + decision was requested for this roof in the spring of 2019.

solar panels
202 kWp
72 households
electricity per year
137.109 CO2
reduction per year

INIT building

Aroundtown is a real estate company looking for environmentally friendly solution to implement in order to lower their carbon footprint. For the INIT building in Amsterdam, Aroundtown wanted to have a PV installation to achieve their climate goals.

solar panels
11.138 m²
212 huishoudens
electricity per year
405.000 CO2
reduction per year

Nissan Amsterdam

The roof of the Nissan Distribution Center is to date the largest solar roof in the Randstad. The object made its roof in the Port of Amsterdam available to households that did not have a (suitable) roof for solar panels themselves, using Amsterdam’s Crowdfunding platform

solar panels
43.036 m²
900 huishoudens
electricity per year
1.755.000 CO2
reduction per year
Esselink Bouwcenter
INIT Amsterdam

This is how we make roofs more sustainable for real estate owners and municipalities in the Netherlands

The best preparation

Technical and financial feasibility studies

With the expertise of our knowledge partners in legal, tax and financial areas, we provide an extensive report of the full scope of your project.

Overview with smart tools

On our smart online platform you will always find the current status of your project, an overview of your project offers and you can monitor the progress of your project.

Make the best choice

Choose the deal structure that suits your company

Your interest is our interest. You choose an deal structure that allows you to maximize your return.

Choose from comparable and competitive offers

Within our platform you can choose from 25+ installers and different techniques. This is how you choose the best for your situation.

Realization and management

Quality that meets insurance requirements

After completion of the installation, your roof will be checked during a technical audit. This way we ensure you of the highest quality.

Insight into your results

With Asset Management you always have insight into the technical and financial performance of your solar project over its life cycle.

A one-stop-shop for project management

From subsidy application to realization, see immediately where you stand and which steps still need to be taken. In this way you keep a constant overview during the process.

Investments and savings immediately visible

We accurately calculate what your investment will yield you. This way you have direct insight and you will not be faced with surprises.

All information stored in one place

All information, documentation and decisions made are transparent in 1 environment. For you and your team. You always have an overview and know what the next steps are. This way you can be sure that you will not miss anything.

Insight into the performance of your installation

By managing your installation you always have insight into the generation of solar power and the savings you generate with it.

Leverage our partner network

By combining independent expertise, we believe as a coalition that we can better inform real estate owners about the possibilities and benefits of solar power.

Use our knowledge to your advantage.