Accelerate solar energy in your municipality

Collaborate to meet the challenge of generating more sustainable energy

We have the challenge of generating more sustainable energy. But how do we do that in an ambitious and realistic way? RES plans, road maps and vision designs show the great responsibility that municipalities take on to realize more solar energy on large roofs. This raises the question among officials: how do I implement the plans?


Where are the interesting roofs located?

Where are the possibilities and who are the owners? Which companies and roof owners should we focus on? Which roofs have an SDE decision but no panels yet?

How do I approach roof owners?

How do I set up a business park approach or collective purchasing? How do I ensure that SDE + decisions are used in my municipality? Which communication works best?


How do I convince roof owners?

What are the arguments for choosing solar panels and what are the challenges? What are the best practices for a successful solar power project? How do I offer roof owners in my municipality a perspective for action?

Our mission is to make solar power the norm on real estate

We offer insight and overview throughout the entire process

This way we know how to convince real estate owners to realize solar power projects. There are many roof owners who have been awarded a subsidy, but have not yet realized a solar power project because they run into obstacles. There are about 4000 in the Netherlands. While they would like to and have taken an important first step! We help by providing solutions to the obstacles they experience and providing comparable quotes so that they can find a suitable installer for them.


Insight through knowledge sharing

By means of meetings and official residence discussions, workshops and knowledge sessions, we give you communication advice on how to speed up the solar power production in your municipality.


Making business parks more sustainable

In our area-oriented approach, we develop feasibility studies and scenario models for business park entrepreneurs and offer them the option of collective purchasing. This is how we realize a cost advantage.


Encouraging SDE holders

By providing independent advice and submitting comparable and competitive offers, we remove all obstacles for SDE holders in your municipality. In this way, the SDE holder makes the best choice for his project and nothing stands in the way of its realization.

Smarter by working together

By combining independent expertise, we believe as a coalition that we can better inform real estate owners about the possibilities and benefits of solar power.

Use our knowledge to your advantage.

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Our approach accelerates solar energy production in your municipality

130 projects in Amsterdam

  • Independent advice and a collective memory
  • Make substantiated choices and take all stakeholders into account
  • Lower costs and an average shorter lead time
  • Overview throughout the project with the Zoncoalitie portal
  • Always prepared for financial and legal consequences

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