The municipality of Amsterdam and Zoncoalitie support SDE + subsidy holders

The Municipality of Amsterdam and Zoncoalitie support SDE + subsidy holders

Zoncoalitie and the City of Amsterdam have joined forces to give real estate owners with large roofs that little bit of extra push over the threshold to solar energy. Are you a real estate owner with a large roof in Amsterdam and provided with an SDE + decision? Then you can request project preparation from Zoncoalitie at the expense of the municipality. In this way, we stimulate sustainability in the city and no financial facilities are lost.

Amsterdam is committed to achieving the Paris Climate Goals by ensuring that the city is climate neutral by 2050. Achieving this requires commitment from all parties in the city. In Amsterdam there are many roof owners who have been awarded SDE + subsidy but find it difficult to implement it. The municipality therefore supports SDE + holders by offering project preparation by Zoncoalitie and covering the costs for this (approx. 4800 euros). This includes:

Technical feasibility study (Structural – Roof cover – Electrical integration).
Independent advice on operating models, financing, taxation and legal aspects.

Why have a project preparation made?

It is important to properly prepare for the installation of a sunroof. Matters such as the load-bearing capacity of the roof, the possibilities of electrical coupling – can the generated energy be given a direct destination or be supplied back to the grid and what is the capacity – and the roof maintenance largely determine the starting points and therefore ultimately the proceeds of the system to be realized. Good preparation prevents problems from occurring at a later date or that an unforeseen bill is put on the table.

Real estate owners benefit from a party that prepares a solar power project based on their wishes and priorities. Zoncoalitie optimizes based on the wishes of the real estate owner. Zoncoalition has no interest in a specific form of exploitation or provider and has a good understanding of which financial, legal and tax criteria are important. Read more about our working method here.

With the project preparation you can then be well prepared to look for a suitable provider. If desired, Zoncoalitie can look for a suitable provider for you through our independent matching procedure. Vereniging de Zoncoalitie has now grown to 24 members, all installers and developers of solar energy on real estate with the correct quality marks and good references. The quotations they offer are competitive because the provider has no selling costs and no set items need to be included in the quotation. After all, the preliminary work has already been done. Clear and consistent quotations allow you to make a well-considered choice to realize the solar power project. A win-win situation for both the solar power provider and for you as a real estate owner.

Are you interested?

The municipality can support a limited number of projects. We call on companies that are interested to register quickly via

Would you like more information or do you have other questions?
More information about the SDE + subsidy scheme can be found on the RVO website. For more information about this scheme, or about the Municipality and its ambitions for solar energy, please contact Art van der Giessen, Solar Energy Program Manager, Municipality of Amsterdam:

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