Our mission

We make solar energy the norm on real estate

Together we want to ensure that every large roof in the Netherlands is used to generate solar energy. How do we help real estate owners and municipalities to realize more solar power projects?


SDE subsidy application

We ensure a correct SDE subsidy application, in the name of the real estate owner.


Technical feasibility studies

We provide the necessary technical feasibility studies for the SDE application.


Comparable and competitive offers

We ensure that you can choose from comparable and competitive offers, so that you always make the right choice for your project.


Choice of operating model

We provide independent advice in choosing the right operating model for the customer.



We provide independent advice on financing options so that our customers never run into surprises in the future.


Legal and tax aspects

We provide independent advice on legal and tax aspects of the solar power project and thus remove all possible obstacles.

Zoncoalitie is the independent platform for advice and development of solar power projects on commercial and social real estate.

About us

Vereniging de Zoncoalitie was initiated in 2016 by the Municipality of Amsterdam and Alliander, under the flag of Amsterdam Smart City. The association has set itself the goal of stimulating the market for solar energy in order to contribute to an acceleration of the energy transition. The Zoncoalitie project office was founded in 2017 at the association’s “arms length”. This with the aim of independently informing real estate owners about the possibilities and advantages of solar power.

The consultants of the project office are completely independent, and therefore not associated with the members of the association. They take care of grant applications, provide independent advice on the choice of the exploitation model and carry out technical feasibility studies. This results in a project report on the basis of which providers can then make offers. These are consistent with each other. Afterwards, the real estate owner can choose the most suitable provider from comparable offers. The real estate owner can also nominate providers himself, in addition, the members of the association are always given the opportunity to submit a quote.

Zoncoalitie focuses on roofs from approximately 500m2 with a large-scale consumption connection, often owned by real estate investors or funds.

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