Care Farm Benaja

solar panels
158,4 kWp
in power
42 households
of electricity per year
Beter Duurzaam

Project requirements

Zoncoalitie has realized a great project in Buren, Gelderland, together with Beter Duurzaam. Care farm Benaja is consciously concerned with nature and the environment, so she wanted to make up the roofs. Zoncoalitie provided independent advice during the process and provided the technical feasibility studies. In this way, the solar power project has been successfully realized.

Our solution and support

By providing care farm Benaja with support, a successful collaboration with Beter Duurzaam has been established. The panels are installed on both the southwest-facing and the northeast-facing part of the roof, in order to make the most of every inch of the roof. As a result, the 440 solar panels on the roof of the Benaja Care Farm generate a power of 158.4 kWp. In this way, Care Farm Benaja contributes to the sustainability of the old, tourist town of Buren.


On the roof of the Benaja Care Farm in Buren, Beter Duurzaam successfully installed solar panels and realized the solar power project.

• 440 solar panels installed
• System power: 158.4 kWp
• Power supply: 42 households per year
• CO2 reduction: 107,515 CO2 per year