De Rietlanden Terminal

solar panels
147 kWp
51 households
electricity per year
84.000 CO2
reduction per year

Project requirements

At the beginning of 2018, De Rietlanden Terminal will have 452 solar panels, generating a lot of green energy. This plan is part of the De Rietlanden Terminal plan, in which they want to take care of the environment. In this way, they reduce their own financial costs and contribute to making the city more sustainable.

Our support and solution

In order to be able to support and advise De Rietlanden Terminal as well as possible, Zoncoalitie guided them with the subsidy application and we also carried out the technical feasibility studies to provide an extensive picture of all the possibilities surrounding the solar panels. From here we were able to successfully search for a good solar energy issue, which ultimately led to the collaboration with Nuon. The solar panels have now been on the roof since 2018 and De Rietlanden Terminal has already managed to reduce their carbon footprint well.