ICT municipality office

solar panels
70 kWp
in power
21 households
of electricity per year
40.950 CO2
reduction per year

Project requirements

The roof of the office on Cruquiusweg is the first in a series of municipal roofs that the Municipality of Amsterdam has fitted with solar panels. The Municipality of Amsterdam asked Zoncoalitie to help make 31 of its own buildings more sustainable. The bicycle depot in Amsterdam West is located under the 31 roofs.

Our solution and support

Zoncoalitie took care of the subsidy application and the technical feasibility studies of the various roofs. After we jointly had a clear picture of the possibilities and what was needed to invent the various roofs, we were able to look for suitable providers of solar energy. This allowed us to link four members of Zoncoalitie to the Municipality of Amsterdam. Ultimately, Sunprojects / Ecostroom and Janszon / Zuiderlicht went to work on the construction, financing and management of the solar panels.


The roof of the Amsterdam Municipal Office on Cruqiusweg is one of the many roofs where solar panels have been installed, with support from Zoncoalitie. Wonderful results have been achieved with this that contribute to making the city more sustainable.

• 233 solar panels installed
• Roof area: 1,140 m²
• System power: 70 kWp
• Power supply: 21 households per year
• CO2 reduction: 40,950 CO2 per year

The municipal portfolio consists of many different objects, small and large. in own use and with several tenants. Alex Muhring and the project team of the Zoncoalitie make a substantial contribution to making Amsterdam's municipal real estate more sustainable.