ROC Op Maat

solar panels
129 kWp
in energy
45 households
of electricity per year
74.000 CO2
reduction per year

Project requirements

Tailor-made ROC has its eyes on the future. And what is the future without solar panels? With the arrival of 430 solar panels, the building will be able to provide electricity during the study of future mechanics and technicians.

Our solution and support

With their eyes on the future, ROC wanted to make custom solar panels. Zoncoalitie has therefore provided support with the subsidy application and provided the technical feasibility studies, so that all possibilities were clearly listed by means of a report. From a clear vision, we were then able to look for the best match within our 25+ suppliers of solar energy with different technologies. Ultimately, the ROC roofs were fitted with solar panels in 2020.


Innovation is one of the core values for ROC Op Maat in Amsterdam West. This created the desire for a solar power project. Janszon has successfully realized the installation of solar panels.

• 430 solar panels installed
• Roof area: 645 M2
• System power: 129 kWp
• Power supply: 45 households per year
• CO2 reduction: 74,000 CO2 per year

We always strive for improvement, create new possibilities and seize opportunities.