SDR Elektrotechniek B.V.

solar panels
in power
20 households
of electricity per year

Project requirements

SDR Elektrotechniek BV sees great value in innovation, which is why they saw making up their roof by installing solar panels as a logical step. With the installation of this installation, this will generate no less than 126 kWp, saving around 56 tons of CO2 emissions. In this way they contribute to making Amsterdam more sustainable.

Our solution and support

In order to make the best possible use of the roof of SDR Elektrotechniek BV, Zoncoalitie is extensively investigating all possibilities by conducting technical feasibility studies. This enabled us to provide SDR Elektrotechniek BV with advice on potential earnings. In addition, Zoncoalitie also took care of the subsidy application. With all the information in mind, we were able to submit a targeted request to our partners (providers of solar energy). This resulted in a successful collaboration with Solnet Group B.V. established. They then realized the solar power project in 2020.


On the roof of SDR Elektrotechniek B.V. in Amsterdam, Solnet has successfully installed solar panels and realized the solar power project, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the city.

• 312 solar panels installed
• System power: 126 kWp
• Power supply: 20 households per year
• CO2 reduction: 56,000 CO2 per year