solar panels
40 kWp
in power
13 households
of electricity per year
23.000 CO2
reduction per year

Project requirements

Where Textkernel itself is a company that pursues technological innovation in the field of sustainability, they obviously could not be left behind in solar energy. For example, the installation of no fewer than 133 solar panels was realized at them in 2019.

Our solution and support

Zoncoalitie has supported Textkernel during the process of installing solar panels. By carrying out the grant application and providing technical feasibility studies, we were able to provide clear information in which the possibilities of solar energy for Textkernel were explained. Based on this, we looked for a good match and eventually linked Textkernel to Janszon.


A beautiful solar power project has been realized with the 133 on the roof of Textkernel. Janszon completed this quickly and carefully.

• 133 solar panels installed
• Roof area: 143 M2
• System power: 40 kWp
• Power supply: 13 households per year
• CO2 reduction: 600,000 CO2 per year