Urban Industrial – Sligro

solar panels
12.000 m2
216 households
electricity per year
600.000 CO2
reduction per year

Project requirements

Urban Industrial’s first solar project has been realized! The 12,000 m2 roof of the Sligro in Scharenburg is perfect for the installation of solar panels, and the 3,669 panels now generate a power of 1.63 MWp.

Our support and solution

With Urban Industrial’s large roofs, it is important to investigate what options these roofs have to offer. Zoncoalitie therefore carried out technical feasibility studies, so that we could properly advise them on the potential earnings. We have also arranged the subsidy application for Urban Industrial. After we jointly had a clear idea of ​​the options, we made a specific request to our members (providers of solar energy). Subsequently, the construction of the solar panels was completed in 2018 together with SunProjects.


There are 3,669 solar panels on the roof of the Sligro in Scharenburg. Sunprojects installed these solar panels carefully and quickly.

• 3669 solar panels installed
• Roof area: 12,000 M2
• System power: 1630 kWp
• Power supply: 216 households per year
• CO2 reduction: 600,000 CO2 per year

Urban Industrial will roll out several initiatives in the near future to make its real estate portfolio more sustainable.