VvE Nieuwe Vaart

solar panels
307 kWp
106 households
electricity per year
175.000 CO2
reduction per year

Project requirements

Since 2016, the roofs of the Owners’ Association of the Nieuwe Vaart in Amsterdam have been covered with solar panels. With this, the VvE hopes to generate as much environmentally friendly electricity as possible for all residents, in order to contribute to making Amsterdam more sustainable.

Our support and solution

Zoncoalitie took care of the subsidy application and the technical feasibility studies for VvE Nieuwe Vaart. We then advised them on the potential earnings and all the possibilities that the installation of solar panels entails. Based on this knowledge framework, we were able to look for a suitable provider. We found this by means of a targeted request to our members (providers of solar energy). Ultimately, this resulted in the successful collaboration between VvE Nieuwe Vaart and Nuon. Together we have realized no less than 1096 solar panels and this makes a nice contribution to a sustainable society.